These are the most significant changes across different releases.

release 0.5

* Support for pinched vertices!!!
+ + This is not correct if the holes that pinch the vertices are connected in cycles.
+ + In that case, the mesh still seems to load, but the topology will probably be wrong.
* Edge-collapse operations for mesh simplification.
* High level mesh simplification methods; Rough implementation.
* Edge-flip operations that can be used for correcting a sub-optimal simplification.
* Face merging operations.
* Interactive removal of faces, vertices and half-edges.
* Vertex bypass to avoid degree-2 vertices.
* Reduced some redundant computations in const and non-const method pairs.
* Much more complete check() methods in all relevant classes.
* Several bug fixes.

release 0.4

* Improvements in the way the wireframe and borders are rendered, allowing user-defined parameters like colors.

release 0.3

* Input support for PLY ASCII format.
* Mesh output supported for OFF and PLY ASCII formats.
* Improved GUI demo for simple mesh edition and visualization.
* ply2off demo program.
* Kdevelop project now included.
* FIX: Arbitrarily large holes now correctly handled, as long as they produce no pinched vertices. (Before, only triangular holes were handled.)

release 0.2

First public release. Principal features:
* Loading, visualization, saving and simple modifications of hole-free OFF models.
* A simple glTest program based on GLUI is provided, statically linked to the library.

release 0.1

Not published. Internal, not functional version.